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Welcome to BeautyNY.biz - New York Area Black Beauty & Style Directory

Use BeautyNY.biz to find the artist, service provider, performance or venue that you want. On the left the Banners will take you to various websites; on the right find the Listing - Events , Business, Announcements, and Classifieds - that suits your needs.

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Celebrating Black Beauty

The global celebration of Black Beauty is no recent phenomena it is a universal tradition going back millions of years. The records of our earliest ancestors, the gatherer-hunters, indicate that they were concerned with their appearance to themselves and to the world at large. One can imagine that some young African / Black (African of course because Africans-Blacks were the first humans on the planet and for the longest time the only humans on the planet) saw her reflection in a pool of water, dissatisfied with what she saw determined that she was going to do something about it – hence the beginning of ‘Celebrating Black Beauty’.

Celebrating Black Beauty was not solely about hair or fashion, but also about acceptance and power; acceptance in the fact that Black Beauty came in all sizes and shapes, colors and complexions, and from various cultural and folk traditions. Black beauty was also about power as indicated in the myriad of ways our beauty was expressed. There was a relentless depiction of who we were - including our appearance and our doings. There was no shyness or shame; instead there were the portrayals of competence and confidence.

Early celebrations of Black Beauty were mirrored in rock-paintings and sculptures, followed by the bas-reliefs and monumental statues of Africans of Kemet. Along with the art of writing on papyrus – the first paper –drawings of Black Beauty were made as well.

Our beauty was displayed and complimented though many uses (inventions) of cosmetics including makeup, ear-rings, nose-rings, necklaces, armbands, ankle bands, toe-rings, hair adornments, fingerings and other hand adornments. Not only was clothing an invention that accented our beauty, we also accented our clothing in colors and adornments to further accent our beauty. Our beauty was expressed with the use of every material available – stones, bones, skins, plants, minerals, soils, tree-bark and branches, leaves and grasses… Nature was our vanity.

Black Beauty was very diverse. Black people the world over seemed to compete with each other in showing off and expressing the diversity of our beauty; hair that could be worn in hundreds of styles with limitless accents; facial beauty enhanced by makeup and adornments; the body revered by its natural shape, enhanced by toning, adornments and perfumes. Black Beauty was shown to have no limits in how it was presented and defined.

Despite the circumstances of our existence, there was an unyielding commitment to projecting beauty in ones appearance. Whether in the victory of war or defeat, there was a determination to show ones best side in physical appearance and in the donning of our clothing. Whether colonized or enslaved we doggedly preserved our dignity in the display of our beauty.

Today our Celebration of Black Beauty recycles as it evolves; new elements are used with the old. The technology of photography has gained greater use than painting and sculpture yet the end results are the same – the commitment and celebration to portray Black Beauty in all of its finest. The celebration of Black Beauty is casual as it is formal; new styles and old are entered into with the fluidity of a running stream. As we celebrate the launching of this in honor and recognition of who we are, we’ve come to know that the Celebration Black Beauty is timeless.

Q & A with Heru-Ka Anu, publisher of BeautyNY.biz

Q: What are some of the reasons for your launching BeautyNY.biz?

A: Well, we do niche market advertising for one; on the other hand I know a good number of people and institutions in the arts that should be better known and supported. I think the service we provide is a good match for supporting the arts.

Q: Who is BeautyNY.biz for?

A: As its title says a directory for the “Arts, performance, and venues” it is for any and everyone who participates in, contributes to, or patronizes the arts. One can readily think of actors, musicians and dances, painters, or sculptors; however, I also think of printers who generate flyers, posters, hand-bills, etcetera. In other words I also think of those who are behind the scenes, because they play a role. For example, some teacher taught the great dancer or singer we now love to sing and or to dance. Some one coached the great actor, while some designer created the clothing donned by said actor. There are just so many others that contribute to the arts that we seek to give voice to here at BeautyNY.biz.

Q: How is BeautyNY.biz any different than any other internet resource that one would use to promote themselves, their work, or production?

A: I think by and large it comes down to the fact that BeautyNY.biz is a directory, it is designed to direct people to those that are featured in our directory. Unlike the vast majority of people who publish websites to the internet with the hopes and thoughts that they will all of a sudden now be found, we know better than that, that the website has to be promoted continuously, and this is something that we do as a matter of business, and as a matter of our existence. BeautyNY.biz, like other directories that we publish will get high traffic use because of what we do to introduce it to the wider public and to keep it before them as a resource. Its quite different than just saying: “I'm here”. There are promotional tool that we use on a ongoing basis that results in our directory making all the difference in the world.

Q: Who are the people you expect to use BeautyNY.biz?

A: Everyone who comes to know about it. In other words the person or business that wants to be known, and the end user looking for a service or a performance. For example, I see parents seeking resources to support their children towards excelling in the arts and then also using the directory to find venues to attend to enjoy and patronize the arts. To me BeautyNY.biz is a one-stop resource directory.

Q: Where do you see BeautyNY.biz in the next one to five years?

A: That's an interesting question... Well, I believed that the internet was going to be the big thing that it is, and that it is only going to become even more a part of our day to day life. With that in mind I foresee BeautyNY.biz growing in relevance to support our day to day use of the internet in getting from it what we want. I foresee BeautyNY.biz becoming a household name just as our other directories have or are becoming as well. One of the big advantages that we have in this direction is that we cater to a relatively local geographic area... I see where we, as a people, are using the internet more and more for local goods and services, so we are right in place for that kind of use. Therefore, I see BeautyNY.biz growing in relevance each year as the internet becomes more integrated into our lives.

Q: What are measure for addressing your competition?

A: That to me is somewhat of a trick question... Or, let me address it this way... If there is a better service than ours than it means that we must improve our service, that's how I see competition. On the other hand, as an advertising resource we are not the only resource in existence and contrary to what most might think I encourage businesses to use them as well. I recognize that we don't reach absolutely everyone; some people we don't reach are reached by others, therefore it is important to diversify in the use of advertising. I call this the 'McDonalds Advertising Approach” - the reason being is that they advertise everywhere and on everything because they recognize that they do not know exactly where their next customer is coming from so they use every medium they can to find that next customer. So, I encourage this approach to our advertisers.... Also with respect to competition I think we are most effective with return on investment – we are a best or better investment because of the low cost to advertise and the duration of the ad with us – that is a year of advertising for one low fee; it beats anything that's out there.

Q: How does an online, internet based, directory such as BeautyNY.biz stack up against a print directory?

A: Really well... The short of it is that print directories never really had universal coverage, except for maybe the local phone book that was in most house holds. Otherwise, most directories did not, and do not have a very broad reach... The internet has changed that, especially in the last five or so years. If you have a computer or a cell phone you now have access to the internet and you therefore have access to our directory. As I mentioned earlier the Internet is growing in our day to day usage, therefore our appeal grows with it. Furthermore, a print directory is a finite thing; once printed, that's it- nothing can be changed until its printed again. With our directory, being a website, it changes day to day – be it advertisers, events, phone numbers, etc. You know nothing could be worse than your business listed in a print directory, that was just published and your phone number or address has just changed... what a lost to your business... With BeautyNY.biz we can change an advertisers information within minutes or hours. Our directory is like a living thing, it is in constant change, it is flexible. The internet has more universal coverage and usage consequently we are of more universal access.

Q: What is your biggest challenge regarding BeautyNY.biz?

A: Getting people to know that we exist, however once we do that we are O.K. Because once a person visits our website, they now know that we exist, and of what we offer; if we are relevant to them they will use us. So our biggest job is to say: “We are here... Use us”, and I think we do it pretty well.

Q: What are your favorite arts?

A: Wow... that's might be hard to say... I love music, especially voice; I love guitar especially Jimi Hendrix; I love jazz and from the playing of saxophonist David Murray. I love dance... painting, drawings, theater... See, this is difficult, because there is no medium that I don't appreciate... I don't necessarily like them all to the same degree, yet I do like them all; or I like something within them. For example, I not only like movies, I also like the idea of writing, directing, producing, filming, lighting, acting, and all the other components that go into making a movie... I have some appreciation for it all.

Q: What do you want the general public to know of BeautyNY.biz?

A: That we exist; I want them to use us; to tell others about us. I certainly want them to tell those they know of in the arts about us so that we can support them in being known. In short I want them to know that we exist, that we are a resource directory, and that they use us.

Events Calendar



Journey the Great Continent of Africa
Sankofa Dance Theater
Sunday, February 19, 2012
The Eubie Blake Center
847 N. Howard Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
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Friday-Sunday / June 22-24, 2012
Hampton Jazz Festival
Weekend Getaway
Phone: 410-599-9159
Email: Marva@MarvaDEvents.com

Friday-Sunday / June 26-27, 2012
Hampton Jazz Festival
Weekend Getaway
Phone: 410-599-9159
Email: Marva@MarvaDEvents.com

Friday-Sunday / July 22-24, 2012
Hampton Jazz Festival
Weekend Getaway
Phone: 410-599-9159
Email: Marva@MarvaDEvents.com


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